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Wood decks can easily fall victim

to the damaging effects of weather...

The wood needs to be thoroughly washed and cleaned to remove the dirt, grime, and soil that has been embedded deep into the woods grain. This does take some regulated pressure mixed with proper cleaners to loosen the built up dirt and allow removal.  It is advised not to allow an untrained user try and force off dirt using pressure only from wood. You can cause lots of inadvertent damage.

The wood deck should be trusted to a licensed professional pressure washing specialist. We ensure that your deck gets the treatment it needs and we will assist in preventing deterioration NOT speed it up by using too much pressure or poor washing techniques.

We can not only restore most decks to like new condition, but you can rest assured that the work will be done correctly with an eye to detail.

Let Us Prolong Your Deck’s Life

A wooden deck may start to lose its charm within a year of purchase. This happens when it is affected by grime, soil, dirt, and water seeping in the wooden grains. Don’t worry though, because we provide the best deck cleaning service that can improve its longevity in no time!

To get more information on why you should hire a specialist in power washing instead of a “Jack of all trades” painter or other contractor who has their hands in many trades, call us today for FREE CONSULTATION!

Wood decks can easily fall victim to the damaging effects of weather, it is strongly advised and critical to the longevity of your deck to have your deck cleaned and clear sealed on a regular basis. Poorly maintained decks deteriorate quickly due to mold, dirt, and algae slowly ripping apart the wood from the inside out to the surface. Soon after your wood will start to warp, split, and crack causing a rough surface which is even more inviting to dirt and filth.

Prevention is key. Which is why we are in business. Its easy to maintain a wood deck if you are cleaning it properly and applying a clear sealant properly on a regular schedule of 2-3 years.  Be advised, its not as easy as renting a washer and spraying the deck down.