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Q. Are you a Licensed and Insured pressure washing company?                                                                        

YES WE ARE :  The Power Washers, Inc. maintains all required licenses, certifications, and insurance plans including Workers Compensation Insurance. In fact, not all insurance is the same and we have a specialized power wash insurance.

Q. Do you accept credit cards? How can i pay you?                                                                                                 

YES WE DO :We accept the following payments: cash, major credit card, personal check, business check, and paypal. Please note payments are due at time of completion. If you are getting clean and seal job then half payment is due at time of cleaning and remainder when sealed. If no one is home we ask that you call in with credit card payments or mail us a check with the return envelope we will leave with the invoice on the front door. After 30 days a mandatory 10% late fee will be added.

Q. Are your products safe for my pets, plants, and us humans? 

YES, WE CARE TOO :We us a mild detergent specifically formulated to optimize the level of cleaning power, yet pose a negligible risk. During our process these cleaners are highly diluted and at our rates of application are no different and possibly safer than products you can purchase at your local grocery store. As and added safety precaution we wet the plants down before and after each side of the house is washed. 

Q. Do you guarantee your power washing services?                                                                                                

YES ITS OUR MOTTO! : "Guaranteed Great Results, the Right Way." This means our primary focus is client satisfaction. If you have any issues with the quality of our workmanship or we have failed to meet or exceed your expectations we will gladly offer you a Satisfaction Visit to address any concerns. We always work within our abilities to bring a clients concern to satisfactory.

SATISFACTION VISIT POLICY:Please contact us within 72 hours of washing or sealing your property with touch up requests or concerns. We will respond within 24 hours and always try to return to the property within 2-3 business days scheduling and weather permitting. Although its rare even our master technicians can make an oversight so we please ask you to notify us as soon as possible for us to address any treatments needed.

Q. Should I move my stuff off my deck before the job? What do I need to do before a House Wash?

YES PLE​ASE :Our technicians are often alone on residential sites so we ask for you to place any small items, nic-nacs, or movable objects to the side or out of the way if possible. We can move regular furniture, a rolling grill etc side to side and work around it but we ask you to clear the area as much as you can. For house washing we ask for you to place anything you don't want wet inside and make sure all the windows are closed and seals are in tact. 

Q. Do you offer discounts for neighbors, multiple units, or multiple jobs?
YES ABSOLUTELY : We always give deals for multiple jobs and neighbors friends or families booking together. Please call us to go over the details.

Q. Can you paint or stain my wood? Do you have any colors? Can you use my sealant or stain?             

NO WE DON'T :We cannot paint, repair, color seal, or do anything other than pressure wash and apply CLEAR sealant. We stand behind our manufacturers application guides and we can guarantee only the quality of our known products.

Q.  Do you do repairs? Can you nail my nail pops down or tighten my screws?                                              

NO SORRY : Our master power washers are just that. Master or power washing. They dont even carry hammers or screw drivers on our trucks so we would not be able to make any repairs. We recommend doing any of those prior to our visit so we can finish the project up with a nice cleaning and possibly seal treatment.

Q.  Will power washing damage my siding, strip my trim paint, or break my windows?                                

NO IT WILL NOT : We never use high pressure on the siding to clean houses. Think of it as a brushless car wash for the house, we apply a specially formulated cleaning product using our state of the art equipment, let it dwell for a few minutes, and rinse it down using our soft wash techniques. Done properly with no pre-existing conditions and with our eye to detail this will not harm your windows, siding, or paint. If you hear another contractor suggesting high pressure, or even working off of a ladder to clean your home you should be very hesitant as not only could this do major damage but is also a liability for your property.

Q.  Can you get rid of black streaks on my gutters or the black fading of my aging aluminum siding?    

YES WE CAN :Unfortunately power washing alone will not remove oxidation from gutters or aluminum siding. We use all the latest techniques and cleaners to remove all climactic dirt, debris, algae, mold, and mildew from these surfaces. We can use a specialized cleaning solution and gutter scrubbing to brighten your gutters if requested for additional fee. Oxidation usually can lighten up but we cannot guarantee complete removal or no shadowing or discoloration. We use the best techniques and cleansers to ensure the possibilities are minimal but please know that that when you remove the oxidation there is a chance you will take the coloring from the material as well, its not common but we like to mention it.

Q.  What is that chalky stuff on my siding after it was washed? Why wasn't it removed?                          

THAT IS OXIDATION :It comes from the sun basically leaving a dead layer of paint on the siding. Unfortunately we can not fix it,we will make sure all the dirt and grime and mildew is removed from you house, and your house is left clean. 

Q.  We have these small, black spots that look like specks of tar, all over the vinyl siding of our housewhat is this, and can you remove it?                                                                                                                

​MOST OF THE TIMEthis is Artillery Fungus also called shotgun fungus because of it appearance. It is wood-decay fungus that likes to live on moist landscape mulch, The spores are usually shot only a short distance but the wind can carry them for longer distances and even up to the second story of a house. These spores stick to your house like glue and can not be removed through a normal house wash, we do not offer a service to remove these spores.

Q.  Do I need to wait home all day for you to complete my project?                                                                    

NO, ENJOY YOUR DAY! :We do not require you to be home for your job as long as you have prepared for our visit. That includes verifying all the windows are shut, the water is turned on to the outside and working, and any movable objects from the surfaces you want to have washed are placed out of the way for us to access the areas to be cleaned. We can even access second story decks as long as the fence is unlocked and we have access to use a ladder to reach the area. Please also remember payment arrangements should be made via check on property for us to retrieve , call and make payment with a credit card, or online via our website. When completed we will leave an invoice right on your front door.