Sealing the wood is a simple solution to help keep your deck or fence safe, sound and looking great.

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Protect Your Investment

Because maintaining your deck is an investment in your home, you need to establish a routine of upkeep to prevent expensive repairs. Having your wood deck or fence sealed is a great way to keep it protected.

Why sealers should be applied to a wood deck or fence

Sealing a wood surface will extend its life and improve its look. Having the sealer also prevents it from the process of wetting and drying during the different seasons. When precipitation or moisture enters into the wood, to dry itself out the wood expands or contracts as it heats in the sunlight. Over repeated rain cycles and multiple seasons, this process causes warping, splitting, cracking, and splinters.

We use top rated commercial grade penetrating clear sealant that helps prevent this process from occurring from within the wood. It’s always best to do the sealing soon after the deck is cleaned and then reapply the sealant every year to five years, depending on the area in which you live.

Deck and Fence Sealing for Great Durability

Your deck or fence may increase the value of your home, but without proper sealants, wood decks and fences may start to deteriorate more quickly. This is why we bring you the best fence and deck sealing services to increase their longevity by 3 to 5 years.

Please be sure the deck or fence is still clean before the sealer is applied, as dirt and grime can be sealed within the wood if you don’t prepare it ahead of time for the treatment. Proper maintenance means less problems and more time to allow you to enjoy your deck or fence for many years to come.