While summer can be busy with activities, vacations, camps and much more, it is also an ideal time to check off some essential home maintenance to-dos from your list. Take advantage of the summer months when the sun is shining and the days are long with these helpful seasonal maintenance tips for homeowners:

  • Check for leaks. The last thing you want when you’re watering your garden is to lose excess water do to drips around the spigot or in the hose. Water loss equals a higher water bill! Take the time to assess your watering setup for any leaks and you’ll probably realize some water savings.
  • Assess your deck for signs of wear and tear. Are handle railings loose? Is there evidence of wood rot? These are safety issues that should be addressed before your next summer gathering. This is also a good time to schedule your summer deck power washing service.
  • Also check your fence. Fences need attention, too! Even if they don’t receive the same wear and tear as a deck does from heavy foot traffic, they are still susceptible to damage from the weather and a buildup of dirt and grime. Consider also having your fence professionally sealed to protect it in the fall and winter to come.
  • Wash your windows. You may have had the best intentions of washing your windows as part of spring cleaning, but if you just didn’t get to the task, summer is the time. A complete house wash will not only clean your windows, but remove the dirt and grime from your house siding. End summer with revitalized curb appeal.
  • Monitor your gutters. Are they draining water away from your home as they should be? If not, this may be a red flag that your gutters need to be cleaned. If debris and leaves has built up inside, it could be blocking the flow of water.

If the team at The Power Washers can help with your summer home maintenance, please contact us! We are available for deck power washing, fence cleaning and sealing, house washing, gutter cleaning and more.