We all savor that moment when our outdoor space is officially “open for business” for the summer season. Patios are no exception. While we may not spend much time on our patios during the winter, once summer arrives, we’re using our patios constantly—whether it is a place to lounge or sunbathe, relax with a book, bring our work outdoors, or entertain friends for a dinner party.

The trouble is, over time, our stone or brick patios can become weatherworn and faded. If they haven’t been regularly cleaned, mold and algae growth can be prevalent. Does this describe the type of place where you want to spend time or host guests? Fortunately, there’s still time to clean and restore your patio for the summer and prepare it for the months of heavy use ahead.

Why do we recommend a thorough pressure washing? There are several key reasons.

Pressure washing eliminates the dirt.

The first, most obvious, reason to have your patio power washed is simply to remove all the dirt. Even if your stone or brick patio surface does not appear dirty, you would be surprised just how much dirt and grime adheres to its surface over time. If your patio has not been regularly cleaned, it can become difficult to remove dirt with just a light spray of a hose. A thorough pressure washing is really the best and most efficient way to remove the dirt and grime.

Pressure washing eliminates mold, algae, and moss.

If the thought of removing the dirt isn’t enough to convince you of the necessity of a pressure wash, think about removing harmful contaminants: mold, algae and moss. The presence of mold and algae can worsen allergies or asthma for family members and guests. It can also make your deck very slippery in spots, putting you at risk of slipping and falling. A deep clean using the right cleansers and will eliminate these contaminants.

Pressure washing restores your patio’s cosmetic appeal.

A clean patio looks better than a dirty, neglected patio—it just does! A clean patio also provides a more enjoyable and relaxing space for you to spend time, as well as to host family and friends.

The Power Washers regularly pressure washes patios, including brick, stone and concrete patio surfaces. Request a quote for pressure washing your patio and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.