While you do not use your fence like a patio or deck, your fence should be treated like any other exterior feature of your home. Your fence likely serves several key functions—it provides privacy, creates a safety barrier, and adds aesthetic appeal to your property. If your fence begins to deteriorate, each of those functions is hindered. A fence that is deteriorating or rotting risks falling down—eliminating privacy as well as no longer serving as a sufficient safety barrier for your outdoor space. Of course, a deteriorated fence also does not add any appeal to your property—if anything, it is hurting the curb appeal of your home.

Keep your fence in optimal condition with these maintenance tips.

  1. Check your fence often for signs of damage. Every so often, walk along your fence, assessing its condition. Are there fasteners that need to be resealed? Is the soil firmly placed around the posts, keeping them secure, or has soil washed away in the rain? Are there any pieces of wood that are rotting or splintered and need to be replaced?
  2. Direct sprinklers away from the fence. If you use a sprinkler system, be sure that they are not spraying your fence with water. You do not want to unnecessarily subject your fence to excessive moisture.
  3. Plant away from the fence. Do not plant shrubs or other large plants next to the fence, as these may grow and place excessive weight on the fence.
  4. Have your fence professionally pressure washed. Dirt, mold and grime will buildup on your fence just like they do on your house siding or your concrete driveway. It is important to periodically wash away these contaminants so they do not become embedded in the surface of your fence. A professional pressure washer will know the right way to safely apply pressure and cleansers to clean your fence without causing any damage.
  5. Make sure to stain and seal your wood fence. If you just built your fence, be sure to let it dry and weather before staining. Sealing your fence is essential, as it provides a protective coating that will contribute to its longevity.

Call on The Power Washers to keep your fence professional pressure washed and sealed.