Do you have a brick feature at your home? Perhaps there is a brick walkway or a brick patio. Brick is a popular choice for hardscaping and landscaping, as nothing compares with its traditional appeal and long-lasting beauty. However, many homeowners realize that, over time, these brick features slowly lose their luster, which hurts their aesthetic appeal. The accumulation of dirt, spills, and foot traffic can take its toll on brick surfaces. Having your brick walkway, porch or patio professional pressure washed will have many benefits:

  • Protect your brick surfaces from deterioration. The buildup of grit and dirt over time can cause your bricks to deteriorate. Regularly sweeping these surfaces to remove loose dirt before it becomes embedded in the brick will help, but a professional pressure wash is the best solution, particularly to remove the dirt that has already adhered to the brick surface.
  • Enhance the color of the brick. As we mentioned, brick features are beautiful, but the natural color of the brick can be dulled over time. Pressure washing removes the grime and enhances the color of the brick. Your brick features will look as beautiful as they did the day they were installed.
  • Clean brick surfaces contribute to your home’s curb appeal. This one is simple—clean brick contributes to a clean home. You will be amazed at the difference in your home’s curb appeal following a brick pressure washing service.

The Power Washers regularly cleans and pressure washes brick and stone surfaces to safely and effectively remove dirt and grime. Let us restore your home’s brick features. Contact us today to request a quote.