At The Power Washers, we are often surprised by how many homeowners neglect to seal the wood of their deck or fence. Without a proper sealant, the wood is exposed to the elements. Over the years, the wood is susceptible to the repeated process of wetting and drying, resulting in warping, splitting and cracking—which affects your fence and deck’s visual appeal but also its structure and function. Sealing is a very simple and cost effective solution, especially when you consider the many benefits it offers.

Sealing your deck and fence protects your investment. Remember when you chose to add a new deck or fence to your home? In most cases, this was a big decision and purchase—an investment in your property. Why not protect that investment with the proper sealing? Otherwise, the longevity and function of your deck or your fence will suffer.

Prevent expensive repairs. What’s the alternative to sealing your deck or fence? You’ll be spending more money and time fixing pricy repairs. Sealing is the better option, as it will protect your deck or fence from the elements and prevent the deterioration that will otherwise occur. Scheduling a sealing service now will prevent more expensive repairs later on.

Improve its visual appeal. Not only does sealing protect your deck or fence, but it also enhances its look. For one, a deck or fence that is splitting and cracked does not add to the curb appeal of your home. Rather, it does the opposite—suggesting your property is not well cared for or maintained. A penetrating clear sealant will enhance the natural look of the wood, adding a visually pleasing element to your overall landscape and property.

Spring and summer is a great time of year to schedule your deck and fence sealing surface. The Power Washers can thoroughly and safely pressure wash your wood deck or fence first, then apply a top rated commercial grade sealant as recommended soon after the deck is cleaned. Contact our team today to request a quote and schedule your service.