A composite or Trex deck is an investment in your home. Do not let this investment lose its value simply by choosing not to properly clean and maintain your deck. Here are 4 things to know about cleaning a composite deck:

A composite deck doesn’t show the dirt as much as a traditional wood deck—but it still gets dirty. If it isn’t regularly washed, the dirt and grime that has built up on its surface will become deeply embedded and harder to remove.

A dirty deck is an unsafe deck. If mold and algae have overtaken your deck, the surface might be deceivingly slippery. Also, if it has been several years since your deck has been cleaned, it is possible that the mold or algae growth has compromised the deck structure, causing areas of weakness or loose steps or railings. Take caution before attempting to assess the condition of your deck and especially before trying to clean it yourself, which is not advised.

Pressure is not the answer. It might be tempting to simply blast your dirty deck with a high pressure water stream, but before you break out the hose or rent a power washer, consider this: Because those contaminants are deeply embedded in the deck surface, trying to blast or force the dirt away with high pressure to the top of your deck will not work—and can cause damage in the meantime.

Leave it to the professionals. A professional power washer, like The Power Washers, has the advanced equipment to deliver a combination of very light, regulated pressure along with professional cleaners to loosen the built up dirt and contaminants and bring them to the surface of the deck. Then, the dirt can be safely washed away and removed.

Trust the longevity of your composite deck to the professionals. Call The Power Washers to schedule your deck cleaning surface.